Abstract Services


Update abstract on a specific parcel of land and title holders since last certification.

New Abstract

Create a new abstract for a specific parcel of land. Comprised of documents pertaining to the real estate and title holders for the most recent forty (40) years according to the Marketable Title Act Standards.

Stub Abstract

A compilation of records for real estate and title holders from a requested date , to the date of certification.

Search Services

Verbal Lien Search

A verbal account of the real estate and titleholder to which you are inquiring, including the vesting deed information, all liens against the property and owner(s), and current tax information.

Written Lien Search

A lien search in written format giving you current titleholder's vesting deed information and all liens against the real estate and owner(s). Includes tax information and parcel ID numbers.

Written Lien Search - Extended

A written lien search giving you current owner and previous titleholders within a 10-year time period.

Pre-foreclosure Search

A written lien search that includes contact information as listed in court files, for any judgement lien holders. Commonly requested prior to commencement of foreclosure proceedings .

Personal Lien Search

A lien search in written format showing any judgments filed at the county level against an individual.

Title Search

A written report showing all real estate owned by a named individual .

Title Guaranty Form 900

A Title Guaranty document – A title report, which complies with the standards of the Iowa Finance Authority. Commonly used by lenders and closing service companies as a first step in obtaining an Iowa Finance Authority Title Policy for non-purchase transactions.

Title Guaranty Form 901

A Title Guaranty document – Lists recorded documents following a residential real estate closing transaction on a specific parcel of land.

GAP Search

Follows our preliminary abstract preparation or search, completed within the last 30 days. Lists any new information on real estate of title holders filed since the prior update. Used for the most up-to-date search information.

Miscellaneous Services

Title Guaranty Certificates

We provide this service at no cost to our clients.

Notary Public

Our products can be customized to meet your needs and our pricing will remain competitive and fair to our clients. We want to please our customers with accuracy, timeliness, and friendly service.